Djed’s New Use Case Spotlight: AADA


Now that DJED has successfully launched, we can focus on establishing its adoption. In the coming weeks we will present to you various use cases for DJED and SHEN. This week we are happy to discuss the implementation of DJED on Aada Finance.  Read here: Testnet node:

A New Era For Stablecoins Begins: Djed is Live on Mainnet!


After over a year of preparations and development, and following a successful security audit, we are very proud to announce that Djed, the overcollateralized stablecoin on Cardano, is now live on mainnet! The much anticipated public mainnet launch of Djed heralds a new era for stablecoins. Launching Djed is a significant milestone for COTI, the …

A New Era For Stablecoins Begins: Djed is Live on Mainnet! Read More »

Djed: A Stablecoin in Cardano That Must Evolve


@liberlion17 just wrote a really interesting article analizing the imminent launch of DJED. Worth a read!!! Li₿εʁLiøη

2023 Roadmap AMA Recap

Yesterday, we held an AMA with Shahaf Bar-Geffen, COTI’s CEO, and Yair Lavi, COTI’s Chief Strategy Officer. The AMA took place on the COTI official Telegram group. If you weren’t able to join, here is the full recap: