COTI Pay Business Update with Shahaf Bar-Geffen and Alex Panasenko


COTI’s CEO, Shahaf Bar-Geffen, sat down with Alexander Panasenko, COTI’s Director of Product Management, to dive into the product aspects of COTI Pay Business, and the solution we are currently developing for a major company in the gaming industry.  Testnet node:

DJED’s Growth Continues: Expanding to Multiple Blockchains


Recent events have proven there’s an incredible demand for a safe stablecoin that can weather the economic volatility. Since, we’ve been receiving requests to integrate DJED into other blockchains. Read how we’ll expand DJED on other chains: Testnet node:

COTI updates by Shahaf Bar-Geffen, COTI’s CEO

Cotiupdates The update you’ve all been waiting for:  Shahaf Bar-Geffen, COTI’s CEO, shares some business development updates including ongoing global engagements, partnerships in discussion and how COTI’s technology benefits them. Watch here: Testnet node:

The gCOTI Airdrop Campaign is Right Around the Corner — Here’s How to Get Involved


The gCOTI Airdrop Campaign is right around the corner and we’re excited to share all the details with you!   Starting April 3rd, participants will be able to lock their assets in the Treasury for gCOTI rewards. Here’s how to get involved: Testnet node:

Djed’s New Use Case Spotlight: Liqwid


As we continue on establishing Djed’s adoption, we are glad to present to you another DJED use case! This week we are discussing the implementation of DJED on Liqwid.  Read here: Testnet node: