XSEC – Boutique Pool Program


XSEC is still a young Cardano ADA Pool and we plan to continue running as long as Cardano exists. Most probably forever…

Despite being that early in our trajectory, we are on the top 10 pools regarding Lifetime ROS, averaging over 5% ROS since our launch 10 months ago.

We are very excited to launch a Boutique Pool Program:

If you hold 1M ADA and delegate it to us you will get 100 ADA every epoch on top of the 5% pool rewards.

How it Works

If you choose to delegate or switch your delegation to XSEC, we will pay you 100 ADA every epoch on top of the normal pool rewards.

When you decide to stake with us, please let us know using any of our social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram or email).

What you get:

  • A substantial consistent reward for switching your delegation to XSEC with no downside. We are minting blocks and we are growing.
  • Opportunity to get a big chunk of XSEC‘s rewards. As XSEC is still relatively small and growing, delegators with a sizeable stake get higher than average rewards, higher than what you would get on bigger pools. On top of that, we have 0% fees.
  • Support decentralisation by delegating to a coming of age Cardano pool. Cardano network depends on decentralisation for it to be successful. XSEC will always be a small pool for that very same reason.

What we get:

  • XSEC needs more delegators to be able to mint blocks on a regular basis and support Cardano for the long run.
  • We plan to stay small and nimble. Once we can mint blocks regularly we’ll continue evangelising about supporting as many small pools as possible. As we already do.

At XSEC we appreciate you being with us, that’s why we go above and beyond to make sure you won’t leave us.

If there is any question don’t hesitate contacting us: