Small pool delegation giveaway


XSEC has always supported small pools, and we always will.

It’s not easy for a small pool to succed in this competitive market, but it’s possible and XSEC wants to do its part.

We are doing a giveaway of 100 ADA to a lucky delegator that delegates more than 5.000 ADA  to any of the small pools that we have promoted until today in our blog.

How it works:

  • Follow us on Twitter.
  • Choose any of the small pools we have promoted in our website and follow them on Twitter.
  • Delegate more than 5.000 ADA to that pool.
  • Tell us and the pool you selected on Twitter that you’ve delegated.
  • On the 20th of October we’ll chose at random a lucky winner amongst all participants and we’ll send them 100 ADA as a thank you.

Everybody wins by participating: you are supporting small pools, help them grow, help the Cardano ecosystem and if you are lucky you get 100 ADA!!!